Thank you for your interest in selling with us!


These are some rules for how we handle your drop:

- Your clothes/shoes/accessories needs to be in a good condition, e.g. clean and no stains, rips holes, missing buttons and so on.

- We don’t accept garments from high street chains because of their low second hand value. But in some instances we can do an exception. 

- Your drop needs to fit the season. No winter/fall garments at summer/spring and the other way around. 

- Lastly we make sure that your garments fit our style/aesthetic and that we don’t have too many similar pieces already in our ship. 

- We will price the pieces together with you and split that in the following manner: 40% for you, 25% for taxes and what is left over goes to us. You can also choose to take your part in ”Herr Judit money” instead, which means that you get 50% to shop for with us! 

- You have your pieces in our shop for one month.

- It is your responsibility to check if they sold. If you miss your final date you give us the right to lower the prices or pass your garments on to charity. 

- Your money will stay in your account for a year if your garments sell. After that we’ll close down your account. You hold the responsibility to check how much time you have left.